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14 years working at the intersection of preservation, planning, and community development

Focus on facilitating community-driven projects in culturally diverse neighborhoods, low-income communities, and communities of color

Experience convening multidisciplinary partners around collaborative projects and processes

Experience developing organizational strategy, capacity, and procedures


Deputy Historic Preservation Officer                                                                                           2017-present
Summary: Collaborate with other City staff, community organizations, and citizens to identify and achieve preservation goals.

-        Develop and deepen public engagement efforts and community partnerships
-        Lead project to conduct extensive community outreach around historic and cultural preservation in East Austin
-       Facilitate working group to develop citywide Historic Design Standards
-       Coordinate local historic district program, including outreach to hundreds of property owners, community workshops, application review, and case management
-        Review changes to older and historic buildings for compliance with local and national preservation standards

-        Coordinate development of educational materials and improvements to internal processes, forms, and website
-         Identify and write grants to support innovative preservation programming
-        Rewrote permitting division of municipal code, including coordination with five other City departments
-        Led departmental efforts to secure approx. $900,000 of Hotel Occupancy Tax funds for citywide historic building scan, historic properties redevelopment fund feasibility study, and detailed historic building surveys
-        Facilitated multidisciplinary working group to evaluate the Heritage Grant Program, which led to the creation of a new Heritage Tourism Division in the Economic Development Department

Co-Founder and Director, Preservation Rightsizing Network (PRN)                                  2013-2017
Summary: Led rapidly growing volunteer-based organization in establishing new legacy city preservation community.
-        Cultivated partnerships with allied organizations and individuals at the local, state, and national levels
-        Organized and facilitated multidisciplinary meetings, conference sessions, and intensive half-day and full-day workshops with 30-50 participants. Responsibilities included planning detailed agendas; engaging established and new partners as participants and sponsors; general publicity, strategic individual outreach, and registration; securing location, refreshments, and other logistics; fundraising; tracking budgets; and acting as event facilitator
-        Managed outreach via social media and monthly e-newsletter (650 Facebook likes, 500 newsletter subscribers)
- Presented at 15+ national and statewide conferences and webinars
-        Solicited website content from network members and assist with website maintenance (Wordpress)
-        Helped organize national Legacy City Preservation conference with 250 attendees (Detroit, September 2016), including national publicity, sponsor outreach, and solicitation and review of session proposals
-        Led collaborative development of national Action Agenda for Historic Preservation in Legacy Cities, co-organized 200+ person release event in Newark, NJ, with 30 organizational cosponsors and $12,000 in sponsorships

Real Estate Lab Coordinator, Seattle Chinatown International District PDA (SCIDpda)    2012-2016
Summary: Engaged local stakeholders in neighborhood revitalization by building relationships and capacity across cultural barriers.
-        Coordinated community network-building initiatives, including quarterly open houses, neighborhood newsletters focused on local projects and events, and public placemaking events for 30-100 people
-        Conducted technical assistance workshops and developed multilingual educational materials that reached 90+ property owners and stakeholders in the Chinatown International District, including many limited English speakers
-        Completed real estate feasibility studies, community plans, and proactive responses to local policy changes
-        Wrote and managed $760,000 in successful grant applications for property owners

Project Principal, independent contract with Snohomish County, Washington                    2015 – 2016
Summary: Completed innovative countywide historic resource scan on time and on budget.
-        Conducted 2-week historic resource scan of 14,000 buildings constructed prior to 1965 across 2,000 square miles
-        Recruited, trained, and managed 15 surveyors in survey terminology and procedures, including a Survey Manual
-        Executed GIS analysis identifying hotspots of potential historic and architectural significance
-        Authored final report and presented results to Historic Preservation Commission and community groups

Director, Rightsizing Cities Initiative, PlaceEconomics                                                                  2011 – 2015
Summary: Developed new tools to guide preservation in older industrial cities and spoke widely about legacy city preservation.
-        Developed the multivariate Relocal tool for making context-sensitive, parcel-level decisions about vacant buildings
-        Researched economic impacts of preservation on citywide and statewide levels to inform recommendations
-        Gave numerous speeches and conference presentations about preservation in older industrial cities
-        Wrote, designed, and edited project reports for city, state, national, and private clients

Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                       2011 – 2012
Summary: Created new preservation planning model to allow fast, inexpensive survey over a very large area
-        Developed character studies, a hyper-efficient historic resource survey framework to inform large-scale planning initiatives
-        Designed, supervised, and evaluated 1.5-week, 5-person pilot survey of more than 30,000 properties across 6 square miles with total budget under $20,000 (including survey development)

Cultural Resource Specialist, Page & Turnbull, San Francisco, California                                2006 – 2009
Summary: Used diverse sources to describe places’ development; expanded scope of preservation plans to include quality of life.
-        Completed historic research and oral history interviews on historic buildings and districts, as well as related events and cultural shifts, to inform detailed building histories, project evaluations, and Historic Tax Credit applications
-        Wrote preservation plan for Charleston, South Carolina (recipient of 2009 National Trust Honor Award for its integration of affordable housing, environmental sustainability, and more)
-        Surveyed and evaluated more than 1,000 buildings in four major historic resource surveys

Professional Distinctions

-        Councilmember, Historic Seattle Preservation and Development Authority
-        Advisor, National Trust for Historic Preservation
-        Featured presenter at Washington State preservation conference, GRAY AREA speaker series (Philadelphia), Preservation Leadership Forum national webinar
-        Panelist at national conferences, including American Planning Association, National Trust for Historic Preservation, New Partners for Smart Growth, Reclaiming Vacant Properties, National Alliance of Preservation Commissions, Legacy City Preservation, and Main Street
-        Contributor, National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Forum Journal and Preservation Leadership ForumRace, Poverty & the Environment journal, and Blog 4Culture
-        Lead author, “Preservation in Middle Neighborhoods: Promising Results in Ohio,” chapter in On the Edge: America’s Middle Neighborhoods (The American Assembly, 2016)
-        Member, Next City Vanguard


M.S., Historic Preservation, Certificate in Urban Redevelopment, University of Pennsylvania              2009 – 2011
Coursework: Preservation economics, community economic development, property development, GIS
Thesis: Between a Rock and a Historic Place: Preservation in Postindustrial Urban Planning
Awarded: Elizabeth Greene Wiley Award for Outstanding Promise, academic fellowships, travel fellowships

B.A., Urban Planning, Minor in English, Stanford University                                                                            2000 – 2004
Coursework: City planning, affordable housing, urban design, sustainability
Awarded: B.A. with Distinction, Phi Beta Kappa