I have spoken extensively about legacy city preservation, historic resource surveys, innovative uses of data, and more at state and national conferences.



PastForward / National Preservation Conference 2016 - A New Approach to Preservation in Legacy Cities and Beyond
Neighborhoods in America's Legacy Cities 2016 - Getting Serious about Survey: Identifying Resources in Rapidly Changing Legacy Cities; Understanding Middle Neighborhoods
California Preservation Conference 2016 - New Tools, Old Buildings: How to Address Vacant and Abandoned Properties
New Partners for Smart Growth 2016 - Building on Our Assets: Data-based Approaches to Community-powered Revitalization
PastForward / National Preservation Conference 2015 - Beyond the 5%
New Partners for Smart Growth 2015 - Data Driven Preservation: Mapping Baltimore’s Historic Fabric
PastForward / National Preservation Conference 2014 - Transforming the Preservation Toolkit: Old and New Strategies in Rightsizing Communities
National Alliance of Preservation Commissions Forum 2014 - Preservation’s Role in Legacy Cities
Historic Preservation in America's Legacy Cities Convening 2014 - Moving from Data to Doing; A Seat at the Table: Preservation and Blight Remediation in Detroit
Michigan Places Matter Conference 2014 - Rightsizing the Right Way: Strategic Approaches to Preservation, Rehabilitation, and Demolition
Main Streets Conference 2014 - Getting It Right with Rightsizing: Main Street in Legacy Cities
American Planning Association 2014 - Big Data Supporting Jane Jacobs’s Theories
National Preservation Conference 2013 - Survey Slam: The Latest in Survey Techniques and Approaches; It’s All Strategic: A Data-based Approach to Neighborhood Revitalization
Reclaiming Vacant Properties 2013 - Building on Historic Assets
National Preservation Conference 2012 - Rightsizing and Preservation: Continuing the Conversation; Know Your Strengths: GIS in Historic Resource Surveys and Predictive Modeling
National Preservation Conference 2011 - Banking on the Past for our Future: Historic Preservation and Land Bank Collaboration

Speeches and Talks

The Action Agenda for Historic Preservation in Legacy Cities and Why It Matters - Preservation Leadership Forum national webinar (2016)
Rightsizing: A New Approach to Preservation and Revitalization - Featured presentation at PreserveWA (2016)
Preservation and Community Development in the Chinatown International District - Presentation to University of Washington Preservation Planning seminar (2016)
Introduction to Action Agenda for Historic Preservation in Legacy Cities - Presentation at Legacy City Preservation: A National Conversation on Innovation and Practice (2015)
Right Size, Right Place: A New Role for Preservation - Speech as part of GRAY AREA Preservation Provocateur series (2014)
Historic Resource Surveys - Presentation to University of Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Studio (2012)


Putting Stories to Work Workshop (in conjunction with 2016 Neighborhoods in America's Legacy Cities Conference)
Community Workshops (some with interpreter), Seattle's Chinatown International District (2012-16)
Seattle 2035 Community Open House, Seattle's Chinatown International District (2015)
Livable Cities Research Convening (2016)
Preservation Rightsizing Network member workshop (at 2015 PastForward / National Preservation Conference)
Workshop: Creating an Action Agenda for the Future of Historic Preservation in America’s Legacy Citie (at 2014 Historic Preservation in America's Legacy Cities Convening)
Preservation Rightsizing Network member meeting (at 2013 National Preservation Conference)
Right Size, Right Place Forum (2013)